Monday, August 15, 2011

First Class for the first post

Hello all. This is the first post of the POPCORN blog and I decided to talk about one of my favourite films: X-Men First Class.
It is the most recent film of a series based on comics characters created by Stan Lee (the same creator of  the Fantastic Four and Spiderman). It talks about a group of people that share one common feature: they have a mutant gene that gives them powers beyond normal human abilities. The adaptation to the big screen started with the first film of the X-Men series, in 2000. It was so well received by the audience that two other motion pictures followed :  X2 , in 2003 and X-Men The Last Stand , in 2006.
X-Men First Class opened on the 3rd of June of 2011. In this prequel (*) we learn how Professor X and Magneto decided to put together the team of mutants and began the Xavier School for gifted children mentioned in X-Men, 2000. The plot shows  the beginning of a friendship between Professor X/Charles Xavier (played by actor James McAvoy) and Magneto/Erik Lehnserr (played by Michael Fassbender) and the story focuses on the period of the Cold War, around 1962, when a villain named Sebastian Shaw tries to threaten both the U.S. A. and the Soviet Union into a nuclear war. X-Men First Class has a clever plot that keeps the pace of the film brisk. It is full of stunning action scenes and Kevin Bacon’s performance as the villain Sebastian Shaw is amazing.
X-Men First Class is one of the best films this year. It’s fun for those who enjoy action films, for those who are fans, or those who are just looking for a good film to watch. 

(*) prequelA prequel tells you what happened before the events in the first film.

Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw

Thursday, August 4, 2011


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