Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travel to the future

It's 2041 now. What happened to the characters of the movies that got famous 30 years ago?
These are our suggestions to the sequence of these blockbusters.


Edward liked Bella very much, and couldn't get rid of her corpse.

Die Hard

Bruce Willis wants to play the new police detective John Mcclane in the film Die Hard, but he forgot that he worked a lot in the last one and ended up getting tired, ugly and old. Making a film in that state is a disaster! Bruce Willis, forget that horror!

Not so Fast, Not so Furious

After surpassing their own limitations in many cities, including Tokyo (Japan) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 30 years ago, Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner are back (not so) fast and (not so) furious, and some years older.


Some people changed in X-men. First, Vampire went to Hollywood to star Twilight. Then, Jean Grey gave up staying with Wolverine and went to Cyclops' arms, so Wolverine ate till he got fat.


After some years, the Spartan soldiers aren't the same. And now there are only 100 left.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is sad because he was a victim of a spell. His denture has its own life. Now, he will face many things to catch his denture again and be what he was before.

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