Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Triumph of Doubt

Marvel Vs. DC Comics

The battle has raged on for decades. You’ve heard it from school canteens to water coolers, from movie theaters to comic book shops. Marvel or DC? Who’s better? Most comic book fans know that the answer is in their hearts. For some of them it is an irrational love, for others a nostalgic tradition. Some of the fans base their opinion on watching and feeling the different comics while others focus on the story lines they most relate to. It is a discussion of style, of ethos, of vision. And to those ones engaged in the debate, it is as serious as hell; as serious as personal identity and fundamental belief.

            To the delight of fans, the comic books from Marvel and DC Comics have become movies.

Marvel heroes such as: Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Blade, X-men, Spider-man, Daredevil, Hulk, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Iron man, Thor and The Avengers have made great success in the theaters.

DC Comics heroes such as: Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Watchman, The Green Lantern, Wonder woman, The Flash and Jonah Hex are some of those stories that came out directly from the comic books to the screen.

This is a video with some characters from Marvel and DC Comics in movies, you'll love it. Being a fan or not.

So, we decided to settle this once and for all. We would  like to ask you to take a good look at what the two powerful comics have done in the realms of Heroes, Villains, Movies, TV, and Games and tell us: Which one do you prefer? Marvel or DC Comics?


Black Swan

Angel or Devil? 

We wish to discuss about the extreme oppositions the movie shows. Since old ages artists have been discussing about the devil, but in Black Swan the devil inside the character – the theme of the Devil has a very special meaning. 

Black Swan talks about a dark side seen from another point of the view, less traditional: The character is able to change her shy personality through the devil side. Her diabolic side helps to develop her artistic skills and it makes an outstanding transformation in her life. Black Swan had gone deeply in her “lakeness” and could touch the sublime making her a great artist of Ballet.

Myths and Facts

Film about Ballet? Myth

The film has chosen a dancer’s way of life just to represent an idea of the human soul and the problems that come with the “professional-soul atmosphere”, but those things can also happen in other professions. In addition, the director focuses on the story of the Black Swan X White Swan which shows both sides that live inside every human’s heart.

Sex?  Myth

In ballet the body is the most important aspect that involves this kind of profession. For that reason, most people think that ballet dancers have a huge sex appeal and because of that dancers make a lot of sex. This is not true! It’s a myth! Despite working with their bodies the ballet dancers get shy when the focus is on sex...but of course, sometimes we have a big surprise. It’s up to you.

Drugs?  Fact

New experiences and new things are very welcome every time. So, sometimes we catch a few dancers that need help because they can’t control themselves when it comes to drugs. The thing is that some of them are very naive so, when they taste it they don’t know how to stop.

Are they workaholic? Fact

Ballet is hard-working and classical dancers know about it. So, it’s common to see a director talking to the dancer with harsh speech or using some “different methods”.  The focus is on the final result: when the curtain closes and the audience claps their hands.

Family atmosphere? Fact

Most of female dancers come from a family in which they were brought up surrounded by arts in general or ballet. Some of them hadn’t had a successful career as a dancer as they wanted to, and because of that they were frustrated and they try to make their children great dancers. Of course a lot of problems are bound to come.

Some Gossip

·    Meryl Streep was considered to play Erica, Nina's mother.

·    Natalie Portman lost  20 pounds (11kg) to look more like a ballerina.

·    Winona Ryder spent 10 days filming.

·   Natalie Portman has trained from 4-13 hours a day. She hit her head while filming one of the scenes, sustaining a bad concussion that required an MRI.

·   There are 139 dance shots in the film. Out of the 139, 111 are untouched shots of Natalie Portman and the remaining 28 are her dance double, Sarah Lane, a professional ballet dancer. Of the shots in which Lane is featured, 26 of the 28 are wide shots and rarely appear on screen longer than one second. The two remaining shots required digital face replacement so the audience sees Portman's face instead of Lane's. However, Sarah Lane claims the actress only did about “5 percent” of the full body shots that the audience sees in the film. She also says producers pressured her to downplay her involvement to preserve the alleged illusion.

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