Monday, December 5, 2011

These guys have known each other for quite some time and it’s good to see how they get on. They know what each other is thinking just by looking (poor teacher!), they sing, laugh, complain, make jokes… oh, and speak English. Very well, by the way!
But talking about projects, I have to say they are outstanding! You can ask them anything about South Africa, they really studied for last term’s project. And this blogject… amazing! 1460 comments? That’s an evidence of their dedication and enthusiasm, the key to their success.
The fact is that they may laugh at the teacher, confuse “That’s Neymar dancing Macarena” with “That’s Neymar dancing Ai se eu te pego”, learn vocabulary because of Tíbia or talk about zorbing in every-single-lesson only to irritate the teacher (poor teacher2)… You know what? That’s what makes them who they are.
Alexandre, Ana Luiza, Bernardo, Christian, Daniel, Isabela, Marcela, Rayane and Rhayane: Congratulations on this victory. But most of all, congratulations because you are who you are. You rock!