Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! Bruce interviews Chris from Everybody Hates Chris!

Bruce Noan, a famous TV reporter, interviews one of the most famous families ever seen (sorry, not The Simpsons!): The Rock family.

Bruce Noan: Let´s start with the one everybody loves, oops, hates... Chris! Hi, dude! Whatzup?
Chris Rock: I´m fine, I think.
BN: So, let´s start the interview. Why is your father so bored?
CR: Well, maybe because he works a lot. He´s always tired but not always bored.
BN: Your mother is a little... erm... firm. Do you like her?
CR: Yes, a lot! But sometimes I´m afraid of her, like when she chooses the belt.
BN: Last question: Do you have a girlfriend?
CR: I try (like that episode in Spin the Bottle´s game) but it´s difficult for me.

BN: Now let´s interview Julius Rock, Chris´ father. Welcome to the show, Big Man!
Julius Rock: Hi, everyone!
BN: So, Julius, tell us: what do you do?
JR: I´m a security guard and a newspaper delivery man. Life´s really expensive!
BN: And where do you live?
JR: We live in a flat in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. It´s dangerous but it´s cheap!
BN: Who´s your favourite child?
JR: Tonia, she´s daddy´s little girl!
BN: Thank you very much for coming, Julius!
JR: Is there a snack?
BN: Well...

BN: And to end this interview, the family´s boss: Rochelle Rock! Hi, madam!
Rochelle Rock: Hi, people! Is my hair beautiful?
BN: ... Y-Yes, of course! Tell us, Chelle, can I call you Chelle?
RR: Of course, Bruce! I love your TV programme!
BN: So Chelle, do you love your husband?
RR: Sure, he has two jobs!
BN: That´s... that´s great! Who´s your favourite child?
RR: Drew, he´s mom´s little boy!
BN: So good that you love your son, even when he skips class!
*Drew´s voice*: It wasn´t me, I swear!

BN: And this was one more amazing Bruce Noan´s interview for Bruce Noan interviews. That´s all, folks!

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