Wednesday, October 19, 2011

British Monarchy

Two award-winning films about the British monarchy.These films tell the history of the royal family in the
twentieth century and twenty-first century.
For those who like and study English and for
those who want a little of the history of British royalty, these two
films should not be missed!
Although the film 'The King's Speech "is more recent (2010), it is
worth watching it before the movie" The Queen "(2006) because
historically they complement themselves.
Both films were critical and commercial success and both have won
several awards including "The Oscar."
Be sure to watch these two movies!

The King's Speech
The King’s Speech is a story of overcoming. The stuttering problem the main character is a functional disorder because it is independent of an organic lesion and is more properly described as a combination of speech disorders (stuttering itself), communication (communication failure, even though fast) and behavior (the person becomes upset and embarrassed by the situation). Imagine this for a royal who need to speak? Is also the matter that the speech should convey credibility and hinders this process stuttering.
What unites the two films, besides the theme 'Royal Family', is overcoming a major problem. In the first, is the death of Princess Diana and the second is the fear of public speaking. Both are great to have the understanding that to have issues to be analyzed, problems to be overcome enough to be human, regardless of race, language or nation.

The Real King's Speech - King George VI - September 3, 1939

The Queen

The film The Queen is interesting because it gives us to know more about the history of the British Royal Family and the life of the Queen of England as well. The intervention of Tony Blair as prime minister was undoubtedly essential for the Queen's relationship with his people better, since the death of Princess Diana made an impact not only in English since she was very popular and beloved in general.

In this picture there is  real Queen Elizabeth shaking the hand of the actress who played in the film .

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