Friday, September 30, 2011

What makes a cool film?

A key aspect of interesting films are the special effects. They are divided into various categories such as visual, sound and physical effects. Some of them are: make-up, digital character creation, manipulation of landscapes and colour or physical effects implemented in the set, such as machines that generate wind and rain.

Bella's wound in Twilight

Motion Capture is one of the most innovative special effects. It refers to recording actions of human actors, and using that information to animate digital character models in 2D or 3D computer animation. When it includes face and fingers or captures subtle expressions, it is often referred to as performance capture.

The use of motion capture for computer character animation is relatively new, having begun in the late 1970's, and only now beginning to become widespread. It is recent and, after Avatar,  very famous way of recording a movie is the Motion Capture. 

The 3D is another effect that involves the public in the fantasy. A film in 3D has the objective of causing the illusion in your eyes in a way to make it more real as if you were really seeing a film through a window between the real world and the fastastic world of the cinema.

At first, the predominant layers were red and blue or green. Because of the difference between the two images, the brain used to "see" an image in three dimensions but that used to cause headache, eye problems and nausea.

Here are some famous films which used some of the special effects mentioned above:
Special effects make cinema much more attractive and interesting, don't they?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The best of the worst

Usually people make lists about top good films but now we´re going to innovate . You´re going to see the best list of ever. The "top 5 worst" films we hope you should never see. If you think you´ve seen bad movies, we´ll show you something worst.


Lambada was classified as a bad film already seen on Brazilian’s cinema. The film doesn’t show a positive message.
The film talks about music and dance, but talks about lie, sex and betrayal too.
To tell you the truth, it’s a terrible example for the family and doesn’t give any contribution to education and culture.
I don’t recommend the film Lambada for anybody, because it’s a dangerous film.  Believe it or not, the film Lambada encourages the destruction of the family.
The music and dance are two beautiful activities. The film Lambada, although related to music and dance, isn’t indicated for people of good tast.


The main character - Querô (his nickname, because his mother died after getting drunk with a bottle of kerosene) - is a forsaken boy, created for life. Surviving alone in the port area of Santos, in poverty and neglect. Querô doesn't bend to the oppressive discipline of FEBEM, or the drug trafficking, much less the corrupt cops who persecute him.

With all this story, the film shows a strong and kind of disgusting life of Querô. The drama is not exciting and gets boring, which means that people have no desire to see the end of the film.

Ring f Darkness

Do you know why the boybands don't remain? Because they are not good enough. Never. In this terrible horror film, these things couldn't be different. There's a boyband, and they are really bad guys (and musicians).
This band, "Take 10", needs a good singer, and so, what can be better than a contest to find a perfect one? Well, but, if the band guys would be sons of Satan and need some human blood to sacrifice? And what if they were immortals?
I'm quite sure: nothing can be worse than that. Or maybe not...
Do you wanna see it? For you, just a little precious thing:click here


Maybe, you don´t remember the woman that moved Batman's heart? Believe it or not, SHE come back...! Catwoman (2004), a film starring the stunning actresses Halle Berry (Monster´s Ball) and Sharon Stone(Basic Instinct 2) brought back one of the central characters of the movie "Batman". Composing by actresses who are icons of sensuality and have excellent perfomances in American cinema, the story and poor acting given by Halle Berry didn´t convince the public, culminating in a HOLLYWOOD BOX- OFFICE FLOP!

Cinderela Baiana

Cinderela Baiana  is considered the very first one most terrible Brazilian film in the history ( 
Introduced in the year of 1998, it’s story is based on the history of the Brazilian dancer Carla Perez, talking about her pour childhood until her successes like as a dancer in the group Gera Samba (É o Tchan!). 
The film was a big disaster in the cinema, but with the internet and, principally, the youtube, the film turned on very popular, in a funny way. It’s circulation was prohibited after a court decision but the film could be found in video sharing sites.  
Nowadays the film is denied by Carla Perez herself and currently big and famous actor Lázaro Ramos, that says that made the film for the money to study theatre. 
You can see the film from this link and give your opinion to us . Probably you will think the same…

Have fun with these films (if possible) and leave a comment!! 

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