Friday, November 18, 2011

Different films, one group.

The Spiderman

We are goning to talk about spiderman.The film is about a boy, he is a student and lives with his uncle and aunt, his name is Peter. He likes a beautiful girl, her name is Mary Jane.
The boy has a transformation after he was attacked by a spider. he canges and becomes in a super hero in town.
The question of the film is about his personal conflicts between the social responsability of a super hero and his affection relationships.

Monsters Inc

The movie talks about monsters that scare kids to use their scream like energy for the Monster's city.
One day a child gets in the monster's city and the monsters loved her and discovered that a smile is a more powerful energy.
We think the movie story is very interesting and beautiful! because it talks about friendship and breaking prejudices.

White chics

The film is about two agents of FBI. They are in charge of protecting two girls of High society. On the way, the girls get hurt, the agent help them and a lot of funny things happen.
We think it is an excellent film and funny too, in some parts funny moments become afective moments.
Cult. 1/ Fri / 13:00- 15:45/ Thiago Barbosa