Friday, November 11, 2011

Malcom X
A black man live in Harlen, Brooklin, he didn't have parents, he was stolen and kept in captivity. In prision, he read many books and began to discover his identity, the name of his ancestors and he discovered his names was taken from him. How he didn't know his last name, he put the X as one.

Challenging Giants
The movie starts telling the story of a university team. They akways lose but with the union of the team and with a lot of training, they changed their story and they were champions. The movie tells a life lesson because it's necessary to fight to be a winner.

Fire proof
The best film that we watched was Fire proof. The film talks about a couple with relationship problems and they don't talk.
The husband received a book that was wrote by his father and it showed a way of of saving the marriage.
For forty days he read the book and releant how to love his wife.
the couple understood the importance of dialogue and the comprehension.

This film made a lot of success in the 80's. It was a love story interrupted by the man's death, but he returned through a psychic's body. His spirit protected his wife. They stayed together for some time.

Cultura Express 2 / Fri.- 16:00 - Teacher:Thiago Barbosa