Friday, September 16, 2011

"Blowing a Raspberry at..."

Most of us watch many different films during that same period of time, usually we recommend and talk about the best ones we know of. There's even a ceremony dedicated to the best of the best. I believe all of us are familiar with the appellation: "And the Oscar goes to..."

However, cinema, as any form of art, has a darker side: no, it's nothing to do with George Lucas, or even with movies that are ill-intended. Actually, I'm talking about those films we wish we had never seen, those which take away precious minutes of our lives, minutes never to be recovered: the bad films.

Let's be honest: everyone has seen a film that made us look up and ask:" Oh, God, why?" Of course, after the frustration is gone, and we finally forget the money and time spent on that, we laugh. We talk about it. We can even recommend that movie as a practical joke or with a healthy dose of sarcasm. And if it is so, why not reward such films for giving us such a good time talking all the horrible things they gave us?

That's what the Golden Raspberry Award is all about. The day before the Oscar, in the same city, at the same weekend, a group of people give awards to those who represent the very worst of each of a series of categories similar to the ones we know for the best: Worst Actor, Worst Film, Worst Director.

What began as a house game in 1980 today has media coverage and a full ceremony. Check it out:

And if you think only the unknown are "contemplated", you can take a look at all the "razzies" (the nickname of the award) on the IMDB, and see famous names as Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Kevin Costner and many others who, sometimes on the following day, were saluted for being the best. The list, complete by year, is here:

We all want to forget something. But maybe, taking a different look, be sure of it: someone, somewhere is laughing at all that.

If you don't like it, join me and blow a raspberry at what you don't like:

That's the razzie spirit. XD