Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Power Of The Ring

Last Sunday we saw an awesome movie: The Green Lantern. We wanted to see that because of a cartoon we used to watch when we were children (and which we still like very much) that’s Justice League, in which he participated. We watched it together, and I think we took a really good decision. In the movie a pilot called Hal Jordan is chosen to become part of a league called The Green Lanterns which are like policemen of the universe.
The purpose why he was chosen was that one of the members of this League got a really terrible wound after being attacked by a dangerous creature. He had to choose someone to replace him before he died, but this someone couldn’t be any person, they had to be afraid of nothing, having no fear, because this was the main condition to become a Green Lantern.

Then Hal Jordan was chosen because he passed in this condition and by becoming part of the Green Lanterns he got a ring which gives him special powers, just like flying and making whatever he wants with that ring. In this last case, he can make anything which comes to his mind by releasing a green laser from his ring that goes into the shape of that.
Well this is the introduction, and the movie has a really long story that even if we try to resume won’t fit in this text, but we can write here that in the movie Hal Jordan faces two enemies:  Parallax (the dangerous creature that was told before) and Hector, a guy that was a friend of him but became a Parallax’s follower because of his hunger for power.
A member of The Green Lanterns, Sinestro, is his enemy in the original story, but in the movie he is a good person. We think there’ll be a sequel to show how Sinestro became an evil person, and we’ll watch that also for sure. The evil Sinestro has the same powers of Hal Jordan, but the difference is that he releases a yellow light from his ring, while Hal’s light is green. In the movie there’s some symbolism about that, which is the fact that the yellow light means fear and the green light means will, and in the movie is told that fear makes will impossible.
Well, basically this is the main information about the movie. We found that really cool and we recommend everybody to watch that, and people who watch it for sure won’t regret it.

1-    And you movie buffs? What do you think of The Green Lantern?
Put your answer, and in the end put your grade of the film. 
0-2        Terrible
3-5        Regular
6-7        Good
8-9        Very Good
10-    Excellent
2- If you could be a super hero, what power would you like to have? Why?

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