Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrek: a film review

Shrek is an outstanding animation directed by the New Zealander Andrew Adamson, who gained fame not so much with the movie "Shrek" but also with other works like "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". The film director is very creative and had great success with all his films.

As the voice actors of the main characters we have Mike Myers, a Canadian who is also a screenwriter and a film producer, dubbing Shrek’s voice; Fiona’s voice is interpreted by the famous American actress, Cameron Diaz and dubbing the voice of the most catching character of the hole movie, the Donkey, we have Eddie Murphy, who is also very known. However, these are not the only voice actors in the movie, there is Cody Cameron as Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs, John Lithgow as the Lord Farquaad and Chris Miller as the Magic Mirror besides many others.

Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp next to the forest, in a land called Duloc. However, the ruler of Duloc decides to kick out the magical creatures of the swamp to the forest. He doesn't like the idea and proposes to the Lord Farquaad (ruler) to rescue the princess of his dreams. Accompanied by a talking donkey, in his mission, he falls in love with the princess Fiona. 

Although stylised, the detail and dynamics of the graphics were astonishing. Shrek has moments where it was almost like watching reality, a strange feeling. The voice acting was spot on too, Myers in particular was perfect.

In relation to the soundtrack, the songs are great and there are two songs by Smash Mouth in the film: I’m a Believer, and All Star. Besides these ones,  the other best hits are:  Hallelujah (recorded by many artists, including Bon Jovi) and Bad Reputation, by Joan Jett. Shrek´s soundtrack is just amazing!

The success of the first film connects the interactivity that was established with the receiver. The public liked this movie very much because it is about a romantic comedy between an ogre and a princess.

 Shrek is my favorite movie because it’s not about changing who you are to be accepted, it’s about trying to find yourself, doing the things you like with someone that you like and Shrek is about not being perfect, it’s about learning with your mistakes to grow up as a better human being and that is the message that the movie gives to all of us, it makes us believe that we don’t need to be perfect to be happy and find our friends. So that’s why Shrek is so famous.

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