Friday, September 23, 2011

Cinematographic Books

We have already seen here something about books which became films. Now, we are going to give our opinion about the topic.  Let’s do that \o/
Several stories can be told in books or films. If the story is really interesting, sometimes it can become a film. However, not all good stories become good screen plays. Have you ever read a book which later on was shown on the big screen?  Did you prefer the book or the film?
It is true that some people rather take the shortcut and spend 2 hours of their lives watching famous films instead of reading its book. But most of the time it is not such a good idea because there are a lot of details that are missed in the action scenes and big Hollywood productions. One example of that is The Kite Runner:  the director couldn’t transmit the main idea of the book and it was considered one of the worst films of the year. Another one that could win the Oscar for the worst film is the Twilight saga. The actors aren’t expressive enough and this rereading doesn’t please the vampire fans.
On the other hand, there are some excellent films based on books. The director of The Lord of the Rings, for instance, was able to transmit the main idea of the book although it was a difficult plot and had many details. He could transform it into an exciting new story and was beyond the fans’ expectations.
Overall, we believe the books are better than films without a shadow of doubt. When we are reading, we can use our imagination and picture any story we like in mind creating our own scenes. And that makes a difference! What’s your opinion? Tell us what you think about it!

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