Monday, September 26, 2011


Imagine the best film that you’ve waited for the whole year, the champion of box office in the world. You buy the tickets a month before the movie premiere and invite your friends to watch the movie with you. The day arrives. The cinema is crowded. Before the movie starts, you buy the biggest popcorn and a super soda and look forward to the beginning. The scenes start, everybody is frozen looking at the screen. Suddenly, you see what? An unexpected mistake! How could that happen?
These types of mistakes are called “movie bloopers”, and they are more common than you imagine.

So, as you could see by the images and videos above, even with all the money and hard work that Hollywood puts on its films, mistakes happen all the time. Have you ever paid attention to any of these mistakes? What about other movie bloopers? If you have, please leave us a comment describing it.  If you haven't, I'm sure it can be fun to look for it on the next film you watch and tell us what you found.

 We hope you enjoyed reading this. What do you think the best mistake was? Share your opinion!

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